100% Colorado Grass Fed Beef...It's that simple!

Oops. I got a couple of the links crosswise in the recent e-mail distribution. Here they are, corrected.

Brrr….It’s Cold Outside…Here’s some HOT deals on 100% grass fed beef (and pork too)

10lb NY Strip Box$234.90 Sale! $189.90 FREE SHIPPING
25lb All-Rounder Box $234.90 Sale! $223.90
100lb Bundle (Quarter Beef) – $269.90 Sale! $859.90
Half Hog for April 26th pick-up is SOLD OUT.

We offer 10lb Boxes, 25lb Boxes, and Quarter Beef & Half Beef too.

Having trouble ordering? Or just prefer talking to a human? Call Keith at 303 859 2280. Visa/MC/Paypal accepted.

Sun Prairie provides certified 100% grass fed, free-range, all-natural, local beef to the Front Range and beyond.

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