100% Colorado Grass Fed Beef...It's that simple!

How to Order

Go to The Meat Market section of the website (see banner at the top), browse our beef selections, and place an order through the on-line cart system. You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail. Orders are processed for UPS shipping Mon-Wed (with some exceptions near and on holidays). Orders for Front Range Pick-ups are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You could have 100% grass fed beef, in some cases, as soon as tomorrow (or worse case, Tuesday). The hard part is ordering. Join our community today!

We offer free (or at least fair) substitutions in our ALL-ROUNDER, GRILL, and STEAK LOVERS boxes. You can substitute stew meat, roasts, short ribs, boneless short ribs, cross cut shank, etc – basically anything offered in the ECONOMY BOX – for free. Some substitutions, like the brisket, trip tip, or steaks, cost extra. Simply leave us a note in the comments box just prior to confirming your order. Be explicit. For example, write “I would like to substitute 2lbs of tenderloin for 2lbs of ground beef.” In general, we will make the substitution and charge you the difference, if there is any.

Basically, we consider all reasonable substitutions and will treat you (and us) fairly in all transactions. It’s just the Sun Prairie way.

If you want to add some cuts to your order, but not so much that it merits an entire box, simply tell us what you would like in the comments section. We will see your note, add the contents to your box (or start another box if that one is full), and charge you accordingly. Note that our boxes can only hold up to 25lbs of beef. This is inconsequential for free deliveries, but could be important if you need a box, or boxes, shipped via UPS as shipping fees are on a per box basis.

The last word is do your best to let us know what you want and we’ll return in kind. If we feel compelled, Linda or Keith will call or e-mail to clarify – we don’t want to be a bother, but we also want to get it right.

If the standard boxes just don’t fit your needs, then make a custom box request. Make a list of what you want and e-mail it to Keith at keith@sunprairiebeef.com. He will provide you a quote. Upon approval, we arrange for delivery and collecting payment (Paypal works really well for these situations).

No matter what, it’s always worthwhile to ask. We might have what you want but it’s just not available on-line or we call it by another name. In the case where we just don’t carry it, if we get enough requests, then we make the effort to make it available.  You can make a request by e-mailing Keith at keith@sunprairiebeef.com or calling at 303-859-2280.

The short answer is no – you can order as a guest with a handful of clicks. If you are a returning customer, it may be useful to create an account  to save your information so you don’t have to re-enter it each and every time. You have the option to create an account when you place an order. Alas, we don’t allow for registration without an order due to the numerous spambots that have previously filled our system with bogus registrants – bad spambots….bad!

If you’re not ready to order, but want to be included in our community announcements (e-newsletter, postcards, etc), then send us a nice e-mail and we will add you to our community list.

Our Front Range Pick-up runs quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) at numerous locations including Denver (3 stops – Central, South, Northwest), Monument (new summer 2018), Highlands Ranch, Golden, Broomfield, Longmont, Loveland, Ft and Collins. Simply show up at the pick-up location that fits into your life the best. Click on the links above for a Google map of pick-up locations and times.

We begin taking orders for a Front Range Pick-Up about five to six weeks ahead of time. If you have bought from us recently, we’ll send you an e-newsletter and a postcard as a reminder. We post the final pick-up schedule on our front page a week prior to the pick-up weekend. We will also send the schedule to you in an e-mail.

If you are unable to meet us for a Front Range Pick-Up, then send a family member, friend, or neighbor in your place. Worst case, if you are a no-show on pick-up weekend, we will UPS your order to you the following Monday.

A special note: We have two drivers on delivery day. One driver takes orders from our south Denver location to Monument while the other driver goes to Highlands Ranch and Golden (the drivers reunite in NW Denver). We use your billing address to determine if your box of beef will be driven to our Monument PnR stop. If your address is Larkspur, Palmer Lake, Monument, or Colorado Springs, we take your box to Monument. Otherwise, it stays on the E-470 path (e.g. Castle Rock orders go to Highlands Ranch). This has worked out, well, all the time so far. But, if you want to come up to Highlands Ranch from the Springs, then let us know, else we will be passing one another on the way!

We offer UPS ground shipping to the Front Range and beyond. Ground shipping is $13.99 per 25lb box and FREE for 10lb boxes. We typically only ship to states within two-day ground delivery. These are CO, NM, AZ, UT, MT, WY, NE, KS, IA, and MO.

Sometimes we run out of a particular cut when packaging your order. In this scenario, we make equal or better substitutions. Often, we contact you and let you know what’s going on, provide you choices, and ask what you would like instead.

Thanks for shopping with Sun Prairie!