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How to Grill a Roast

What? Grill a ROAST? We’ve been doing this all summer long and now are true believers – roasts are great on the grill. We adapted Hugh Whitingstall’s (author of The River Cottage Meat Book) roasting method for the outdoors for a standard 3lb roast. Preheat the grill. Place the roast on the grill turning occasionally for 15-20 minutes. This is called the sizzle. The idea is to caramelize the surface of the meat. Move the beef away from direct heat (put it to the side or turn down the heat) and cover. Cook for an additional 45 minutes (15 minutes per pound). Next, rest the roast, tented with tinfoil, for 15 more minutes before carving. The meat in the center should be very rare. If you don’t like rare, increase the grilling time after the sizzle (though I highly recommend some pinkness). The beef will be tender, moist, and delicious. The downside is that you may never again use your mother’s recipe!

Note that some of the roasts, especially the chuck tender, are closer to 2lbs – adjust times downward to avoid overcooking the meat.

Extra Credit: Brine the roast overnight prior to grilling.

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