100% Colorado Grass Fed Beef...It's that simple!


Roasts are thick cuts of beef, typically over two inches. Sun Prairie Beef roasts come from the chuck (front of the animal; think “shoulders”), round (back of animal; think “rump”), the brisket (below the shoulders and down the front leg), and the sirloin (just forward of the round).

  • Brisket (brisket)
  • Bottom Round or Split Round Roast (round)
  • Chuck Roast (chuck)
  • London Broil (round)
  • Mock Tender Roast (chuck)
  • Rump Roast (round)
  • Top Blade Roast (chuck)
  • Top Sirloin Roast (Sirloin)

There may be others that show up from time to time due to the temperament of our butcher. God bless variety!

Note that roasts can take up to three days to thaw completely. If roasted slowly in a relatively cool oven for a long period, then it does not really matter if it’s not completely thawed. I’ve even successfully cooked a completely frozen roasts (turn your oven as low as it can go, put in frozen beef, return eight hours later).

There are two methods for cooking roasts: dry method (roasting, grilling) and wet method (braising, crock pot). They all are delicious though you want to make sure an match your roast with your method.

  • Brisket – dry method (barbeque – low heat)
  • Chuck – wet method (with the exception of the mock tender)
  • Round – dry or wet method
  • Sirloin – dry method (high heat)

There are myriad recipes on the web. Just remember to pair the right roast with the right method and you’ll always end up with a beautiful piece of meat.